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Bim Intermediate

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What the numbers tell


59% of AEC firms
have openings
available for BIM roles.


Source : Dodge Data and Analytics


97% of the
AEC industry will start using BIM
by 2025.


Source : Dodge Data and Analytics


59% of AEC firms
have openings
available for BIM roles.


97% of the
AEC industry will start using BIM
by 2025.

Why Learn BIM ?

Better pay

BIM professionals are paid 30-40% more on an avergae compared to other professionals.


Because of collaboration it reduces change orders and also leads to cost reduction.

Job guarantee

Because of end to end digitization BIM is pandemic proof. It also provides remote work opportunities.

Market trend

People are adopting BIM at a very fast pace. BY 2025 almost 97% will be using BIM.


Orientation, Introduction To BIM, Why BIM? BIM Advantages, Demand & Scope, Career In BIM Sector, Terminologies In BIM, BIM Dimensions, LoDs Etc.

BIM Standards, RIBA Pow, Employers Information Requirement, BIM Execution Plan, Common Data Environment, Plannerly Etc.

Introduction to authoring tool (Revit), Revit Interface – Toolbars, Navigation, Creating Grids and Levels.

Basics Of Revit Modelling (Arch.). Modelling Of Walls, Floors, Windows, Doors, Stair Etc.

Introduction to Revit Structures, Modelling of Footing, Column, Beam, Slabs Etc.

Introduction to MEP, Modelling of Mechanical, Electrical Components, Plumbing Fixtures Etc., Introduction to Copy Monitor, Introduction to Filters Etc.

Introduction to Revit Family Tools Such as Extrusion, Blend, Sweep, Etc., Difference Between Family & Model, Family Creation, Loading of Family into the Project.

Introduction To Navisworks/Autodesk Docs, Superimposing the Models & Identifying the Clashes, Introduction to BIM Collaboration.

Introduction to Infraworks, Setting Out the Coordinate System, Capturing the Data, Calculation of Catchment Area, Modelling Of Planning Road & Component Road Etc.

Modelling Of Railing, Tunnel, Buildings, Dam and Other Features Etc. Creation Of Story Boards, 3d Rendering Etc.

Introduction To Civil 3d, Civil 3d Interface – Toolbars, Navigation, Setting Out the Coordinates, Importing Survey Point Data, Creation of Surface & Contours Etc.

Alignment Creation, Grading & Optimization, Quantity Take-off, Geo-mapping Etc.

Doubt Removal Session

Capstone Project

Infra Project or Building Project

Interpersonal Skill,

English Speaking Tips,

Public Speaking Tips,

Body Language,

Mind Mapping Etc.

Career Counselling,

Resume Writing Tips,

Job Description Reading,

Email Writing,

Job Application Tips,

Job Assistance Etc.

Program Tuition Fee


We recommend Foundation course for freshers and Intermediate course for those who have more than 2 years of experience.

Of course, the course has been designed for final and pre-final year students.

Yes, the only thing you need is a laptop and an internet connection

All the lectures will be live streamed.

Basic knowledge of civil, mechanical engineering or architecture.

There is no job guarantee in this world, we will assist you only.

Visit the website for fee structure and payment method. There is no refund policy.

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